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Our Commitment

The Colorado Christian Defense Counsel is a member of the Alliance Defense Fund and is a strong supporter of the American Center for Law and Justice.  We endorse and support:  Focus on the Family, In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, Promise Keepers, Joel Osteen, Christian Legal Society and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  We are pro-life and we endeavor to put God first in everything that we do.  This is not to say that we are perfect, but we know who we are.  To that end, we vow to strive within the rule of law to be the light and salt of our society.  Hence our logo.

We put forth our standards as radical integrity, radical grace and godly boldness.    These are high standards that we live by and aim to achieve through the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We know who our God is.  If these values are the ones that you aspire to, or are intrigued by, we may be the law firm you.  Please be advised that we do not exclude anyone because of their faith or lack thereof.  We only use our faith to accomplish our goals of effective advocacy in and out of the courtroom.  Lastly, if you are looking for aggressive trial lawyers, you have found them.  

Doug's Cell:(720)933-1026

Emphasizing In

  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury
  • Civil Actions; Federal & State
  • Immigration

Pastor On Staff

Pastor Tony Costa Phone:
(303) 886-3656 Email